Top two trending golf push carts

If you play golf it’s obvious that you need to have a push cart because how long you could carry your golf sticks and others golf stuff used in the game? You’re a beginner and confused which cart to buy for yourself. It’s easy to choose, just keep in mind some important things while picking up your cart and which cart stands on some following points you can confidently select that one.

There always are some basic things to see in your product when you’re purchasing it, whether it’s a cart, sports equipment or other. Usually people often measure things by its reliability and affordability. That is undoubtedly right thing to do but what about things like maintenance, ease of use, controlling and so on. After measuring on all I’ve found the below golf carts that are the best in all aspects. You can consider any of the following without any worry regarding quality, just pick the one that suits your style.

Clicgear Model 3.5

Doesn’t matter if you’re a pro or a beginner this product works for all. If you’re willing to buy your first cart that’s worth considering. It’s made light weight without neglecting anything in durability. Due to its design, it’s easy to use and control.

This cart is foldable and fits everywhere easily, your cars dicky or golf car. It only has 18 pounds of weight that makes your lugging much easier.

Some other nice features

Smooth grip handle don’t irritate your hands while pushing or handling

Made from scratch resistant and weather proof aluminium materials.

Hand break don’t wear down and ensures the cart take off down a hill.

Separate section areas for storage to keep your golf score cards and balls

Airless tires which make the maintenance easy

In eight different colors like blue, orange, black, green etc.

Price is very fair against its function and features. There are a lot of positive views about it from the consumers which you can see over the website.

Bag Boy Quad

This is another outstanding cart, this is an all-rounder too. It almost has every quality the previous one does. It’s made the same except of its different design as other one has three wheel, it’s a four-wheel cart. This is one of the lightest weight golf push cart. Choosing this one would be best choice for those don’t want to carry any weight with them, because it has only 16 pounds of weight.

Additionally, it has extra features

Large place to put score card and balls

Long lasting foam tiers that doesn’t need maintenance.

Smooth performance and easy foam grip.

Strong hand park break that gives you a firm standing on hills.

Comes in twelve different colors, you can pick your favorite one.

It’s in very affordable price that satisfy you. These both two has satisfying customer response and became trending in market.

A short Tiger Woods Career History

Tiger Woods is the most important and renowned name in the history of golf. When you are taking interest in the game, there is no way you can miss the Tiger Woods – Career History. Here is a short glimpse on the career path of the golf legend which one must know while entering the sports.

The career path of Tiger Woods

  • 79 PGA tour events are in the kitty of the legend.
  • At that time he was the second to Sam Snead and was 6 above from the 73 positioned Jack Nicklaus.
  • Woods won 14 majors each time standing second.
  • The lowest in the history of PGA tour is an average 2000 by Woods. Also the legend has the lowest score in career in PGA tour.
  • He has won all the major and international as well as professional world championships. He was the youngest to get this achievement. Thus he got the career grand slam.
  • He won the career Grand Slam in the period of 2000 to 2001, and this is named after him as the Tiger Slam for his epic performances and completing one championship after another consecutively.
  • The record of Woods in the PGA professional starts is 25.2%.
  • The only golf player in this world who consecutively won the U.S. Amateur thrice is Woods.

If that is not enough he even runs a huge charity for kids on his page Tiger Woods

Other achievements of Tiger Woods

The best achievements of Woods are as follows:

  • 11 times PGA player of the year
  • 11 times PGA tour player of the year
  • 10 times PGA tour money leader
  • 9 times Vardon Trophy winner
  • 9 times Byron Nelson Award winner

Life and career of Tiger Woods

There are too many achievements in golf in the life of Tiger Woods and you cannot probably count and remember all. It all started from 1997. Woods is a Cyprus born and came into limelight in golf for the first time on winning the U.S. Masters in 1997. He was only 21 years at that time. Woods has a second rank in having the most number of wins in PGA Tour.

He was into golf playing from his early college days in 1996. And since then Tiger Woods – Career History had been fixed for golfing. In 1997 at the Masters in Augusta, his score was the highest at a young of which was 270.

3 foam rollers

How to Use a Foam Roller

If you are really serious and ready for thorough exercising of your body, then you need to be aware of the basis tips and instructions of using a foam roller. A foam roller is basically a soft cylindrical material made of soft but though foam. It is made out of a foam material with the aim of ensuring that when some of the body parts are pressed on it, they shrink in (compress) and relax when the body parts are removed from it. You need to be aware of how to use a foam roller if you really want to attain the best result by the end of your body fitness exercises.

Step 1: Get a quality foam roller

It doesn’t matter where you will get that quality foam roller but it must be of high quality. High quality in this case means high density and a comfortable one. Always make sure that you choose the right foam roller. The right foam roller can be found at the gym class, borrowed for a short loan, you can buy it and you can even use that which a friend does not need it anymore. Foam roller are available at most of the online store at a cheaper price.

Step 2: Look for a perfectly flat area

This will be your exercising area and the best space should be 1.2 square by 1.8 square meters. This is the field in which you roller will stretch. Your area should not be too squeezed, narrow or bumpy. This will allow for a maximum stretch of your body and with such a big area, you will not need to worry about your tall complexion reaching the wall behind you. The working area is very important.

Step 3: You need to be prepared for stretch pains

When stretching, pains are common and you must be well prepared for pains emanating from muscle stretching from one location to another. With this idea, be prepared to massage your muscles each and every time you do some stretches. Then with this ideas at hand, place the foam roller behind you back and get a grip of your feet on the wall. When your feet have a proper grip on the wall, start stretching your body to make it straight then rolled back to position where your knees makes a right angle with your upper body. Repeat this and maintain the course and see what it will bring forth.